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Our Company


NORSON is an agroindustrial company dedicated to producing , processing and selling pork serving the highest standards of health and hygiene demanded internationally . Norson began operations over years forty years ago and since then has been adapting to dynamic changes in the environment to become the largest producer of pork integrated Mexico.

We are a vertically integrated to control each stage of the production process to offer our customers products with a unique taste and superior quality. In Norson we have control over breeding pigs , their food production , transportation , processing , storage , marketing and domestic and international distribution , thus ensuring the timely supply and quality of raw material.


To be a growing company , leader in the production , processing and marketing of high quality food , based on pork meat , competing profitably in a global market with solutions that meet the expectations of our consumers.

  • Customer Service: Immediate attention on meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Competitive and competent : Always looking forward in making our processes better.
  • Teamwork : Support for working with others.
  • Our people: We’re proud on the results of their work, commitment to the safety of themselves and their peers.
  • Recognition : For the individual and group accomplishments achieved.
  • Discipline: Act with proper safe and order based on strict rules.
  • Loyalty: Confidence that we are always for our employees , customers and suppliers .
  • Commitment : Comply with what we propose .
  • Respect: your opinions and efforts.
  • Integrity: Always act with honesty and truth.


Panoramic View
Lateral View
  • It has the best technology to produce balanced meals using computerized equipment from the discharge of the ingredients , manufacturing and shipment of food.
  • The transport of food balanced on farms is performed in a specialized trucks and hoppers that are efficiently planned by specialists.
  • The formulation of each food meets the nutritional requirements of each type of pigs, operated by technicians of the highest global programs.
  • As for safety features environmental license (CEDES ) , working conditions ( STPS ) , wastewater discharges ( COAPAES ) and production processes (SAGARPA ) .
  • The quality of ingredients and finished food are verified continuously internally and with the support of external laboratories in the state and by others in Mexico analysis.
  • The plant meets all standards and environmental regulations.


  • Our goal is to produce pigs with the highest standards of quality, safety and health , fulfilling responsibly with our customers, community , employees and partners , competitively priced worldwide.
  • The basis of the production process are its center Norson artificial insemination and genetic multiplication farms that have the Highest Technology, Biosecurity and Health as well as its modern plant Balanced Food processing raw materials selected to provide our pigs one food of high nutritional quality complying with the standards required by our customers worldwide .
  • Norson , with over 40 years working as an integrated from production to marketing , has farms that have strict work protocols that allow a commitment Biosafety, Industrial Safety , Animal Welfare and Environmental Care , which are audited regularly company and allow us to operate responsibly towards our community and workers , ensuring our customers that we meet the highest standards nationally and internationally.
  • The farms are located within 120 km . Hermosillo and Navojoa area in the State of Sonora. Most of the operation is based on multiple sites of production , this means that the breeding grounds are separated in growth of pigs which ensures greater healing , our specialization and process control . The health assurance processes are based on a program of ongoing monitoring and diagnostic monitoring to ensure the health status of populations of pigs.
  • The scope of our biosecurity include the entry of animals to operations under strict health protocols , restricting free entry of people to farms, showers for staff , vehicles and supplies disinfection and strict order and discipline policies . Industrial safety is a commitment to our staff and those working in operations, making it compulsory to wear personal protective equipment and compliance with established safety standards . Animal welfare is part of the operation under a policy of "zero tolerance" that seek to ensure respect for our animals.
  • All operations have high standards of environmental care including, inter alia, the efficient use and disposal of water , reducing emission of greenhouse gases , the correct arrangement of mortality, waste sorting and clear rules of operation and that lead to full compliance with all applicable regulations. These requirements have led us today to operate more than 20 Biodigestores on our farms . Farms procedures are periodically reviewed by international organizations supporting compliance with the needs of our stakeholders.

Food cutting plant FASSA

  • For the transformation of more than 660,000 hogs annually
  • Norson trail has Federal Inspection Type ( TIF ) equipped with a Dutch slaughter line technology, with capacity to slaughter 2,300 pigs daily per shift.
  • It has a modern courtroom in which they are produced , packaged and frozen cuts, both domestic and special for export market. Norson has a strong Research and Development team. This research team develops product lines according to market specifications and meets the demands of our customers , both domestic and foreign.
  • The payment system producers is based on channel quality using the Canadian Destron - PG207 system, categorized by weight and production of meat - fat electronically and fully automatic .
  • This promotes quality assurance in the raw material used .

Food processing plant IACSA

Cutting Machinery
Smoking process
Product transportation

Strategic Aliliance

We are part of a strategic alliance with SMITHFIELD FOODS . The company marketing meat world's largest pork. This alliance allows us more flexibility in our processes to meet the specific need of our customers ; and constantly acquire knowledge and consultancy market updates.