100% Sonora quality

Our history

For fifty years we have distinguished as a leading company in the production and sales of the best pork meat in Mexico. Founded in 1972, the company was made under the original name of ALPRO by a small group of pig farmers in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Pork farming in Sonora was born with modern technology, on large scales for the Mexican average, with a high sanitary level thanks to the climatic conditions and population density. This mix produced very competitive efficiencies and production costs to successfully access traditional markets in the center of the country.

In 1999, as Grupo ALPRO, it began strategic alliances with world leading companies in pork meat production and marketing. Norson emerges from these new alliances.

Since then, at Norson, we have evolved to a concept of complete satisfaction of customer needs, which has led us to the leadership position we currently enjoy nationally and abroad.

Leading company

For fifty years we have distinguished as a leading company in the production and sales of the best pork meat in Mexico.


Vertical Integration

We have under our control the breeding of pigs, the production of their food, transportation, industrialization, storage, commercialization and national and international distribution, ensuring the timely supply and quality of the raw material.

1. Genetic

2. Gestation

3. Farms birth

4. Lactation and weaning

5. Feeding

6. Finished product


Create unique experiences for our customers, through the flexibility of meat products of the highest quality, empowering and developing our workers, creating a safe and motivating environment to constantly innovate, with a high sense of sustainability and competitiveness.


To be a leading company in Mexico and globally recognized, innovative, dedicated to the production and commercialization of meat products with added value for our clients, with collaborators in constant development, supported by high technologies and an excellent organizational climate, generating high profitability to ensure its sustainable growth.

Breeding females
Standing pigs


We have more than 70 own farms that produce pigs with the highest quality, safety and health standards. Complying responsibly with our clients, community, collaborators, and partners.

The bases of Norson's production process are its artificial insemination center and genetic multiplication farms that have the highest technology, biosafety and health, as well as its modern Balanced Feed Plant that processes selected raw materials to provide to the pigs with a food of high nutritional quality complying with the standards required by our customers around the world.

Norson, working for 50 years as an integrated company from production to commercialization, has farms that have strict work protocols that allow a commitment to biosafety, industrial safety, animal welfare and environmental care, which are regular audited, and that allow us to operate responsibly towards our community and workers, assuring our clients that we comply with the highest national and international standards.

The farms are located within a radius of 120 km. of Hermosillo and in the area of Navojoa in the State of Sonora. Most of the operation is based on multiple production sites, this means that the reproductive areas are separated from the growing pigs, which ensures greater sanitation, specialization and control of our processes.
The health assurance processes are based on a diagnostic vigilance program and permanent monitoring that ensure the health condition of the pig populations.

All operations have high standards of environmental care that include, among other measures, the efficient use and disposal of water, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the correct disposal of mortality, waste classification, as well as clear operating rules, and that lead us to full compliance with current regulations. These requirements have currently led us to operate more than 20 biodigesters on our farms.

Farm procedures are periodically reviewed by international organizations that guarantee compliance with the needs of our stakeholders.

All operations have high standards of environmental care that include, among other measures, the efficient use and disposal of water


We have the best technology for the manufacture of balanced feed using automated equipment from the unloading of the ingredients, manufacture and shipment of feed.

IACSA plant

IACSA is one of our value-added plant that satisfies the national and export markets with practical Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook products. It also has the portioning area, where products with weight control are made, in great demand in markets such as Japan or restaurant chains in Mexico.

FASSA plant

For the transformation process of more than 660,000 pigs per year; At Norson we have a Federal Inspection Type (TIF), equipped with a slaughter line using Dutch technology, with the capacity to slaughter 2,300 pigs per day per shift.

It has a modern cutting room in which the cuts are produced, packed and frozen, both for the national market and the special ones for the export market.

We are a socially responsible company

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy, which promotes the best corporate social responsibility practices in Mexico and Latin America, has recognized us as a Socially Responsible Company since 2012.

More than ever at Norson, we maintain and reaffirm our commitment to carry out actions that have a positive impact on the community and its stakeholders.