45 years as a leading company

Sustainable actions

In Norson Group we understand Sustainability as a path of continuous improvement for the generation of value with our stakeholders from four fundamental pillars:

1. Our people

2. Our planet

3. Our community

4. Our company

Focusing its actions to:

  • Promote and boost competitiveness in the company within a framework of absolute legality.
  • Establish and implement a culture of biosecurity, quality and safety in the organization.
  • To make know its mission, vision, values and code of ethics known to its collaborators and value chain.
  • Implement policies that guarantee the humane handling pork in its operation centers and its value network.
  • Promote a healthy, safe and inclusive environment in the organization, impacting the quality of life of its employees.
  • Determine in advance the actions that contribute to the preservation, respect and care of the environment.
  • Respect traditions and customs and contribute to support programs in the communities where Norson operates.
  • Support strategic social causes of Norson’s business line, such as: Sports, Health and Family.
  • Consider and involve its stakeholders and value network in its investment and community support programs.
  • Invest time, talent and resources in the implementation, measurement and continuous improvement of this policy.